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. then tomorrow that northeasterly wind starts to set up shop around here. a northeast wind means generally speaking more clouds than sunshine around here and i think that pattern will continue to build in more and more clouds as we get toward sunday night, monday, and tuesday. again, not a whole lot in the way of rain chances. so for today, then, on your saturday mostly sunny. a nice day outside today. temperatures still a touch cooler than average but not too bad. low to mid 50s. sun down at 4:53. then for tomorrow, clouds on the increase. sunshine tomorrow morning i think but it will become mostly cloudy tomorrow afternoon. a little cooler because of the bonus cloud cover. highs tomorrow only up into the low 50s. that means upper 40s for you folks out toward the blue ridge mountains. here is the all important seven-day forecast. plenty of clouds but not much of a rain threat. that's welcome news all the way through monday and tuesday. wednesday the big, big travel day. no big problems there. it looks like our turkey day this year, no complaints. sunshine and about 60 degrees. i get extra
northeasterly at 10. by afternoon, partly cloudy. a bit chilly. high temperatures only around 50. we have a better chance of hitting 50 tomorrow. winds light, northeasterly at about 5-10. next three days our nine weather alerts are green, green and green. so chilly but nice tomorrow. 50. a few clouds. cool but nice on friday. 54. and then a bit milder on saturday. great for the terps. temperatures in the mid 50s. again with light winds. next seven days, haven't monkeyed around with the weekend. we have a chance of rain late monday. the game is early at fedex. so we might get the game in early and get it finished before the rain rolls in. upper 40s and then 50s next week. >>> so wizards we were watching a little bit up in sports and they looked like they were on the come back. >> it got exciting at the very end. >> but -- >> but this is the wizards. >> oh. so you can figure that one out. >> are you playing some basketball? >> it's been another rough start for the wizards. if tonight was any indication, they're not ready to give up just yet. but fans may be ready to. wait until you hear wha
pressure system, we're going to get a northeasterly flow that will continue and that will help also to push the clouds towards us. other than that, right now it doesn't look like we're going to see rain from it. could be a few sprinkles over parts of central virginia. game today, 52 as we kick off at 1:00 today. mostly sunny, but the clouds will roll in. so by this afternoon, mostly cloudy conditions. about 51 degrees by midday. heading to the game, bundle up, because it will get a little cool with the northeasterly breeze. for today, 54 degrees, becoming mostly cloudy. light winds. tonight it will be cool as well. northeasterly flow from 5 to 10 miles per hour. accuweather seven-day forecast, no precipitation across the board. thursday looks like a great day with mostly sunny skies if you're heading out to make sure you have your turkey dinner, guests coming your way, no problem at there. we warm up to near 60 degrees, upper 50s by the end of the week. so far it looks dry. the question is, with that system if it will bring a few showers or not, but now it doesn't look like it. >> thanks, g
all day. a little chilly. highs around 50. winds northeasterly at 5 to 10. the next few days keep things green. cool by nice on friday. >> mid 50s again. now, next 7 days, still watching that coastal storm. all the models are going to develop. how close to the shore will it get? we'll keep you posted. chance for light rain sunday night into monday. back in the 50s tuesday and wednesday. if that were the case might just get the game in before the rain. >> forecast for the skins, they must win everything else. can you make that happen? >> just about. >> a little help too. the redskins are holding out hope for at least a winning season. starts this weekend with the eagles. we'll hear from the guys and expectations moving forward. can they bring home more hardware? sports is next. >>> and now 9 sports with kristen berset. >> all right. what will we be talking about come sunday night? can the redskins stop three game skid with big win overfill dell if i i can't or beat by a rookie quarterback getting first start of the season? the redskins are hoping the latter. expected to start in pl
, partly cloudy. a bit chilly. keep your coat handy . good news is winds are light northeasterly at 5 to 10. 50 with a low sun angle. the next three days our weather alerts are green. cool but nice on friday. 54. a bit milder on saturday. pretty nice day. the skins however we're still watching that coastal storm. looking at new information. little bit of light rain is possible late sunday especially south and east of 95. the game might be dry during the game. only 49 on sunday. low 50s monday with lingering showers monday and clearing out tuesday and wednesday. >> not bad. tonight we are hearing from a couple snow boarders who say they had to stick together after they got stranded in a blizzard. >> what happens in the cave stays in the cave. >> those are the guys who went boarding sunday. but then a snowstorm hit. they got lost and dialled 911. good thing they had their phones. the dispatcher told them stay put. that's what they did for two nights. finally, rescuers found them tuesday afternoon. >> a little scary. >> but they are home safe. we'll be back in a minute. >> we want to hear what
in the air with that northeasterly breeze gusting from 5 to 15 miles an hour. the rest of the afternoon, we'll stay sunny. afternoon highs upper 40s to near 50 by midafternoon. overnight tonight, storm team 4 four-day forecast, increasing clouds. and by dawn on thursday, mid-30s. mostly cloudy tomorrow, maybe a little sun in and out. highs reaching upper 40s to around 50. that's way below the average high this time of year, which is at 59. on friday morning, mid-30s, a partly cloudy day on friday. still chilly as we get into the weekend too. saturday morning near freezing. afternoon highs just into the low 50s and partly cloudy. coastal storms still looking like might effect our weather here over the weekend with increasing clouds on sunday. afternoon high near 50. depending how the area of low pressure tracks, we could get rain for it. could get some rain maybe late sunday night and off and on during the day on monday is the latest indication. stay tune. that track changes to make a big difference in the weather, we'll keep you posted. right now, danella, good morning. >>> good news. some
a little bit of sun through the overcast. northeasterly breeze. then during the afternoon we should hit upper 40s to near 50 degrees. mostly cloudy tonight too. by dawn on friday, clouds should be breaking up. down into the mid-30s. and during the afternoon tomorrow, should make it into the low to mid-50s and partly cloudy. a lot of sun on saturday but cold in the morning. afternoon highs low 50s saturday. sunday morning, in the mid-30s. afternoon highs, low 50s. the storm might give us rain and wind. the trend will be farther out to sea. that will keep us dry. that is the way it looks like now. all the way to the big getaway day, highs 50s. morning lows near 40. stay tuned. we'll keep you posted on that. >>> checking the roads, tom. 66 westbound at the beltway. that's blocking the right lane. shouldn't be hard to get around. so any minute now. eastbound 66 out of haymarket. heading towards the beltway. a live look as you pass the visitors center. eastbound and westbound excellent for you. no issues to report. you're getting by issue free. >> thanks so much. 4:53 now. you will not see s
hot. one to two blanket night, 28 to 38 and winds northeasterly, 10 to 15. tomorrow, mostly sunny with a chilly start, 30's and 40's. but winds under control out of the northeast only at 10. terps weather, mostly sunny, a bit cool but pleasant. if you tailgate early, 48 to 54. afternoon, mostly sunny and cool, almost seasonable. highs near 55. winds at about 10. redskin weather, great, partly cloudy. winds light. that's the key. next three days, green, green, and green. 55 on sunday. a few clouds late. 57 on monday. next seven days, i threw in some showers on tuesday. i'm not really sold on that. we'll keep them in for now. temperatures in the low 50's. a quiet travel day on wednesday. we're back in the upper 50's. and 60 with sunshine on turkey day and 62 on friday. >> that's great. so many people will be out and about, traveling. it's nice. >> the quiet travel day is great but quiet and 30? >> i wish we could have packaged the expression on anita's face while she was consuming that. >>> nothing new here. maybe the most important game of the season, upcoming, good news from redsk
on the increase. the northeasterly wind often brings a lot of cloud cover. that starts to arrive tomorrow and builds into monday and tuesday. so today nothing to worry about. mostly sunny and nice. highs up into the low 50s. a little bit cooler than average. not too bad with the sunshine. more clouds tomorrow. especially by tomorrow afternoon. as a result probably just a touch cooler. not much if anything in the way of sunshine but also not much of a rain threat. that is good news for a lot of people to try and get out of town a little early. the big travel day on wednesday nothing to worry about. turkey day looks good. 60 degrees. some college football for you. iowa is in michigan taking on michigan today in ann arbor, a noon kick off. it'll be not so bad by michigan november standards. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. ohio state unbeaten and not eligible for a bcs bowl. they're in madison today taking on the badgers of wisconsin. 50 degrees in november in wisconsin? that is practically sun bathing weather for them. just a little class in the joint, harvard and yale up in boston tod
would grab a light jacket. temperatures are 52 to 57 and winds are northeasterly at 10:00. they are green and nice tomorrow, sunny, 54. partly cloudy on sunday, 55. and seasonable on monday. temperatures in the upper 50s. yeah, the upper 5:s -- 50s. that's average. a couple showers are possible on tuesday, low 5:s with a very -- 50s with a very quiet travel day. turkey day, 60 with sunshine and on friday, sunshine at 6 6 -- at 62. >> thank you, top. >>> and the jersey game giveaway as we're continuing to do that from now until the end of the football season. now this week, rg3. i hope that our model will be there. >> yeah. >> go to wusa9's facebook page and tell us why you deserve to win. we'll randomly select a winner tomorrow night on 7. game on. >> thank you very much. laugh laugh [ laughter ] >>> okay, much going on. maryland basketball, we're going to talk about it coming up next. ♪ [ harry umlaut ] hey you know what, i speak european. [ sally umlaut ] european isn't a language. i think they speak all kinds over there. nah. it's basically one language with a few
50. winds northeasterly at 10. next three days. green yellow, yellow. yellow for wednesday and thursday because of the possible noreaster. that is a flake. mid 40s on wednesday . 53 on thursday. next 7 days. we actually get mild to warm. we're back to 60 on friday. well into the 60 s over the weekend. in your 70 on sunday. more showers next week . but mild. 63. >> that will be welcome indeed. >> kind of nice. >> thanks. do we have to talk about it? >> everybody's talking about it. >> mike shanahan tried to clear that up today. i think he did an okay job. you are in the heat of the moment after a loss and words come out the way you don't want them to come out. addressed controversial comments he said after yesterday's loss to carolina. what did he really mean about evaluating his players? plus, no hockey. here's something to hold you over. soon be a hall of famer. sports is next. >>> and now 9 sports. >> if you thought the first 9 weeks were rough, wait for the next 7. the redskins have five divisional games left to play and a lot of work to do over the next 2 weeks. head co
increasing in our forecast here in the coming days. mostly clear and cool overnight tonight. with that east-northeasterly wind. the area of high pressure will hold firm through tomorrow. that keeps the sunshine in place for much of our sunday. the clouds come back sunday night into early monday. depending on how warm this storminess can get. may thicken the clouds up monday night into tuesday. it doesn't look like it's going to come up the coast too quickly. for now, it looks like this, a lot of clouds here, monday afternoon to early wednesday time frame. things will clear back out. clear and not quite as chilly tonight. lows in the 30s, for tomorrow nice day. a little bit of cloudiness in the afternoon. nothing to complain about. on the cool side for the next few days. big travel day is wednesday. no problem there's, turkey day, perfect. 60 degrees on turkey day. 60 also on black friday. >> that's awesome. good to get out after the meal and digest. >> thank you, chuck. >>> coming up in sports, the seminoles, they sack away any chance of a bowl game for [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. in what world do p
monday with the strong northeasterly flow. cloud move in from the ocean. monday could be a rather cloudy day. even cooler. many will stay in the upper 40s all day long monday. things will improve as we head toward the holiday. clear skies. chilly start to tomorrow morning. 26 to 37 degrees. tomorrow, afternoon. temperatures about where they were today. 51 to 55 degrees. under mostly sunny skies. should be a great day to get out and about. nice afternoon. wind. out of the northeast. 5, 10 miles an hour. next couple days. 53 sunday. 52. cool day monday. take a look at this. wednesday, thursday, friday. near 60 degrees. of course, for thanksgiving. so, not bad at all. for turkey day. >> sound wonderful. no storms. >> no. >> okay. >> thank you, doug. when we come back, more than two dozen cram themselves into a minicooper the you got to see this. >> in sports. a block party up in college ♪ [ male announcer ] from our nation's networks... ♪ ...to our city streets... ♪ ...to skies around the world... ♪ ...northrop grumman's security solutions are invisibly at work, protecting people's
the ever increasing number of clouds, cast a couple of shadows. that northeasterly breeze out here, definitely going to need a light weight jacket if you are spending a lot of time outside. unless are you moving quickly to get blood flowing. the top of the tower, looking out to the west. a little more cloud cover today than yesterday. temperatures responding nicely to the sunshine we are seeing. 45 already at national airport. 47 in shady side, edgewater, maryland. 46 in triangle. 45 in culpepper, toward the blueridge and shen dough wa. 36 in toms brook and so your sunday planner, plenty of sunshine for now. clouds increase as we go through the day. north easterly breeze substantial as well. so little bit of runoff factor. a lot more clouds than today. if you need to feel good, do sdwroufr outside today. see you back inside in a few. >> thanks, chuck. >>> six people recovering after two police helicopters collided in california. investigators believe the crash happened when one chopper landing while the other taking off in pasadena. six people hurt, including five police sr officer
and cold. one, maybe two blanket. 26 to 36. winds northeasterly at about 10. by morning, mostly sunny . a cold start and again, if you are going to vote early and get caught in a line that extends outside the building, you'll need a jacket and gloves. 30s and 40s. winds northeasterly at 10. partly cloudy and chilly. a few high clouds late. and winds out of the northeast at about 10. so chilly day but a bright day and pretty quiet day across the country in terms of election day weather. no excuse not to vet. green, yellow, yellow. 49 tomorrow. a few high clouds come in late. bright brisk start. a possible noreaster on wednesday. 45. your eyes do not deceive you. that is a snow flake. some of this cold air could work its way into the system and give us wet snow. not so much accumulating snow. and if it's tracked close enough to land, give us left over showers or rain on thursday. in the morning, we go back in the low 50s. next 7 days. in the wake of the storm, no matter what direction it takes, it's going to get milder. sunshine on friday. look at the weekend. mid 60s on saturday. near
. by morning, temperatures in the 30's and 40's. winds northeasterly at about 10. going to the terps game, well, prepare for temps 48 to 54, mostly sunny skies, a bit cool. if you're in the sun, you're going to be hot. if your in the shade, it will be cool. high temperatures near 55 on sunday. winds northeasterly at about 10. the redskin game, nice! very nice. we're looking at partly cloudy skies, pleasant. a light jacket a good idea. temperatures 52 to about 57. the next three days, our nine weather alerts are green. 54, nice on sunday. a few clouds late, 55. and then seasonable on monday, 57. check out the next seven days. tuesday we had to introduce showers. 53. but then a quiet travel day on wednesday. 58. and i relinquished. i went 50 on thanksgiving day and 62 on friday. >> the turkey chase 5k in bethesda. before the dinner, what do you say? >> no, thank you. >> no, thank you? >>> in this week's high school football profile, a team that once had a lofty reputation but then lost its way. >> northwest high school has now battled the long road back. >> how the jaguars did it. >> guys, first
's a pretty city. a windchill of 31 at national and north, northeasterly wind at 8 miles an hour. front from yesterday, there it is. it's off shore. so behind it we had some high pressure building in. it's clear and cold. these clouds that you see, high thin ones moving through indianapolis and over toward areas like champagne, illinois, that's going to be coming in for tonight and tomorrow. so today will be really a very sunny day. then we'll watch some clouds moving our way and with this system coming across the country, in the carolinas, some moisture from the gulf and atlantic will build. tomorrow we'll watch the rains passing well to our south coming out of georgia into south and north carolina by tomorrow morning. a few of the clouds will blow up north on top of us. these should be generally high thin clouds. we'll go partly sunny tomorrow. temperatures not that much different from today or friday or saturday. low 50s, maybe mid-50s by saturday. so looking at the forecast then, we've got temps today only about 51. it will abbright, sun -- to be a bright, sunny dry day. some upper 20s.
of a start for you. 42 degrees, it is not terrible. wins northeasterly that has been the role and will continue to be the rule. temperatures are kept below average when we are talking about daytime highs. today's averages are 58-41. we will stay shy of that. 42 at reagan national. 35 at dulles. 30 degrees -- below the freezing mark in frederick. martinsburg at 29. we are cooler across the great lakes. it could be a little worse if we did not have the cloud cover. satellite pictures showing the cloud cover. look at the clearing mines and parts of western pennsylvania into west virginia. we will see sunshine late this morning and early this afternoon as high pressure builds back in. we will have cooler drier air moving in as mr. delay part of the week into the weekend. partly sunny skies. it will be cooler than average. for tonight partly cloudy and chilly. 28-37. looking at the seven-day forecast, partly sunny tomorrow with 54 degrees. a little sneak peak, one week away from thanksgiving, how about that? 57 and partly cloudy. let's look at traffic this morning. >> here we are a
of a northeasterly wind. the redskins game is looking good if you're thinking of heading out there. monday still a chance for maybe some a.m. low clouds, maybe a little drizzle. then we should see some late in the day sunshine monday, then setting us for what could be a pretty good week next week as we head toward the holiday. a lot of people having time off, a lot traveling. the best day of the forecast just happens to be thanksgiving, temperatures near 60 degrees. >> got to love that. thank you, doug. thank you, doug. >>> we've got sports coming up when we got married. i had three kids. and she became the full time mother of three. it was soccer, and ballet, and cheerleading, and baseball. those years were crazy. so, as we go into this next phase, you know, a big part of it for us is that there isn't anything on the schedule. 100% new. ♪ 100% greek. 100% mmm... ♪ oh wow, that is mmm... ♪ in fact it's so mmm you might not believe it's a hundred calories. well ok then, new yoplait greek 100. it is so good. ♪ >>> they have to win. just that simple. >> mike weiss said the other day, this i
's pretty cold air mass. pressure still rising, 30.02 inches of mercury. the winds are east/northeasterly at 6. light winds, not much of a factor. satellite picture, radar combined. we will zoom into this system in the southeast. this will become our nor'easter. okay? right now, looks like it's going to be off the southeast coast by tomorrow night. off the hatteras coast wednesday. right now light rain through much of alabama and a couple of rumbles of thunder. remember, it's not a nor'easter until it gets offshore and creates northeast wind. the latest information keeps this thing a little further east. it may miss us completely on wednesday. it does not appear it's going to miss our friends in new england and certainly boston. a cold start tomorrow morning. you need your jackets and sunglasses, no doubt. even gloves if you're standing in line. vote, weather no excuse tomorrow. we have no excuse whatsoever. wednesday we're tracking the nor'easter. haven't pulled the plug on it yet but the models are trending east away from land, which is a good thing. don't feel gypped. overnight, clear
northeasterly winds coming around the low that's going to throw moisture back here. rain d.c. east, may mix with change into some wet snow north and east of us, this is where we'll have some snow even into tonight. 11:00 still snow falling on the eastern shore up through new jersey. southern new york and parts of new england. then tomorrow you know this low is barely moving and still going to be throwing rain to coastal jersey and long island but around here tomorrow morning a few clouds and we should be clearing out by midday. so that's -- that's it for you. got to show you the winter storm warnings up to the north and east. even into maryland and as far as snow potential, you know we could maybe see a dusting to an inch on grassy surfaces here. baltimore north and east and they have the better chance of actually seeing some accumulating snows maybe even 2 inches or more far eastern maryland and certainly jersey is going to have the brunt of it with 4 inches or more. here's the forecast. 43 today and 30s tonight and the rain/snow mix especially east. 51 tomorrow with the snow returning. mi
this will be out at sea. if high pressure goes into the area, it will create a band of northeasterly wind. these are today's high and middle clouds. low clouds are coming off the lake. they might bring a sprinkle or two parts of the area. temperatures today and friday will be about three degrees below normal and then will go above normal on saturday sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday. we have a pretty respectable woman coming. as we head into thanksgiving week which is great news for all the travelers. there will be some whether to talk about on the east coast in the form of these winds. the storm is the way out at sea but this is piling up the water against the coast line. there could be another storm on the west coast. the pacific northwest could have 8 in. of rain on the way next week. we sit in between here quiet with very limited precipitation. the mountain is catching a lot of the eastbound and wind before it gets here. high-temperature today 49 degrees in southwest lin. tonight partly cloudy, chilly,. winds will shift north east tomorrow. fiat of 52 degrees. mostly sunny on s
with northeasterly winds. friday 62, and the weekend looks beautiful. highs well up in the 60s, might even flirt with a 70-degree spot. >>> 60-year-old bishop was chosen sunday during a ceremony in cairo. the company's post revolution government is islamist land. >>> president obama is bringing in star power. music legend bruce springsteen will perform at the president's stops today. rapper jay z will perform at the ohio stop. >>> let's check on the question of the day. it is now time to answer it. the average american does this. 256 times a year. is it blow their nose, donate to charity or cook a meal? >> patty thought it was c, cook a meal. but i can't the correct answer is blow your nose. >> retailer websites, here's some of mine. favorites a deal to display that holiday picture. google offers has a deal with a framing studio in washington, d.c. you will pay $49 and get $200 to spend on any custom framing project. get an x-ray, exam and teeth cleaning. >> in the cathedral section of upper northwest you are going to find it on groupon. >> get open bar for two people on a friday or saturday nig
come in late. 28 to 38. winds northeasterly at 10 . you are inside the beltway downtown and mid 30s. but rockville 30. 29 in gathers burg tonight . freezing in college park and 29 in sterling. and 28 in leesburg and manassas. partly cloudy and chilly. by afternoon partly cloudy. still high clouds. and a little bit chilly. highs around 50. the good news is the winds are manageable at about five to ten. next three days, our 9 weather alerts are green, green, green. and a little wilder on saturday. we're back up into the mid 50s. and again, with no wind, it will feel comfortable. next 7 days, we're monitoring coastal storm. following all week. it's too close to call. the storm will develop. the models can agree on that. what the models can't agree on is the track. light rain in the forecast late sunday. if all goes according to plan after the red skin game and into early monday, cold though. upper 40s sunday. low 50s monday and sunshine returns tuesday and wednesday. back into the 50s. great weather for the turks game. if you are going to tailgate, temperatures mid 40s to mid 50s. >> g
with a northeasterly breeze around 5 to 15. it's going to feel colder than that with that wind a bit blustery. that wind will settle down tonight as we see a lot of cloudiness moving in as the disturbance passes to our south. we'll have clouds in and out on thursday. another chillier than average day. average high this time of year is 59. tomorrow's high only upper 40s to around 50 again with a near freezing start to the morning. on friday, partly cloudy. 30s in the morning. afternoon highs mid-50s. a look at the weekend. on saturday and sunday, cold mornings and chilly afternoons. partly cloudy saturday. increasing clouds sunday. still an indication we might get a coastal storm that could bring some rain our way. depending on close it tracks to the coast, there's a possibility of that perhaps late on sunday into monday is the way it looks right now. if it comes farther west, we could get rain and wind. i'll be back in ten minutes with another update. a look at traffic with danella. good morning. >> good morning. >>> in the first 4 traffic office right now, receiving report of an accident. th
upper 40s to around 50. a north-northeasterly breeze around five to ten miles per hour. tonight, breaks in the clouds. a cold night. we drop in the mid-40s by sunset to near 40 by midnight. a light northeast breeze. by dawn tomorrow, we'll be back in the mid-30s. clouds breaking up. tomorrow afternoon, going mostly sunny after a partly cloudy morning. climbing into the low to mid-50s tomorrow. cold in the morning, right near freezing starting off saturday morning. saturday afternoon, the 50 z. the average high is 58. we won't be near that for the next several days. that includes sunday and monday. we have been talking this coastal storm that might come close enough to give us rain sunday night into monday. the storm is going to be farther out to sea. right now, it's looking dry. we could have rain problems. right now, it looks dry into wednesday of next week. >> thank you. >>> all right. >> let's see if things are looking great on the road. >> what's going on. >> we are checking the area. on the rails, metro, no reported delays. that's good, right? to the roads, 66 eastbound, this is a
for us. i think we will see the rain. i think we will see that northeasterly wind. a little bit of a nor'easter that could bring levels up for the jersey shore, places like delmarva, up toward new york. not good news for them. but most of this is out to sea. and i think that's a very good thing here. because if it was coming a little bit closer, it's going to be another strong storm and it doesn't look like that's going to happen. we'll continue to keep you updated on what this system is going to do. but right now, i think our weekend is looking dry. nice this evening, but cool. 35 to 43 degrees. might as well drop that 35 down to 32. some areas already there. partly cloudy tomorrow morning. chilly, and yes, kids, get out the coats again. you're going to need them. the gloves, hats, all you got. 54 degrees on your friday. nice on saturday, with a high of 56. 52 on sunday. as the redskins take on the eagles. looking good for that game now. it looks like the rain comes in late sunday into monday. it doesn't look like all that much rain. one thing you notice, we're only in the 50s the entir
a jacket at the bus stop no doubt. 30s and 40s and winds now turn a little bit northeasterly at 10 to 15. by afternoon, still says breezy and because of that mostly sunny and kind of chilly. keep the coat handy and highs near 50 and winds out of the northeast at about 10. so about 10 degrees below average and the winds are going to make it feel chillier an that. only 33 tomorrow in oakland and 42 cumberland. 45 hagerstown. not quite 50 in man sis and fairfax probably 49 or so. 50 downtown and low 50s into southern maryland. with those breezes small craft advisory for the bay and tidal potomac. you head knot up 270 -- next three days, well we're going to keep it green alerts across the board. i mean chilly but nice. 50 tomorrow and cool but nice. 52 on thursday. and still cool on friday. sunshine and 54. next seven days, saturday is going to be great for the terps' game. 55. sunday i'm holding the rain off until late and quite frankly i think this storm is going to miss us and stay out to sea. right now we'll say a chance for some rain, 49 and it might actually end up being dry during the
late at night. and for monday then, cloud cover across the area. there's your northeasterly wind still with the area of low pressure off the coast. cloud cover on monday, probably still starting the day with a little bit of drizzle. and fog. until we maybe break out with a little bit of sunshine. chilly, but nice evening. 35 to 45 degrees with a light wind. tomorrow morning, a chilly start for us, 26 to 37 degrees. again, with just a light wind across the area. for tomorrow afternoon, we'll be somewhere around 51 to 55 degrees. another nice afternoon for us. it will be much like today. again, still cool with our average now running at 58 degrees. and then sunday at 1:00 p.m., as we take on the eagles forecast, clouds, sun, cool, but nice conditions. so here's that consistent forecast that i spoke of. low to mid-50s all the way into the early part of next week. a few additional clouds on monday. a look at wednesday, travel, what do we get. i'll have that coming up in a few. >>> a man accused of stealing a guy's bike gets worse punishment than jail time. >>> i'm liz crenshaw. is it bette
'easter. coming up nor'easter because predominantly northeasterly wind affecting coastal areas. by lunchtime some snow, new jersey, delaware. some rain and basically south and east of town can that will if -- and that will be the case with most of the storm. cold enough in spots especially up in jersey and delaware that we could have several inches of snow. open in baltimore an inch or more if we get any buildup on the grassy areas in d.c.. road fasts ares -- surfaces are too warm but not expecting much more than a dusting. 43 midday high and really some afternoon evening showers and snow showers and more east and northeast. tonight 30s. 51 tomorrow as the snow return -- sun returns. friday 59 and a nice looking weekend. may believe some final lawn yard work, 65 saturday near 70 on sunday. monika? >>> a bike ride? >> let's do it. >> a bike ride sounds really good on saturday. and after the heart walk of course. on the northbound side of i-95, the good news is that the accident near route 234 has been cleared. the bad news is look at that slow lineup coming up from the harbor almost 16 miles an ho
of rain. we'll see a continue of the northeasterly wind. and we'll be seeing some clouds around our area, too, from time to time, probably through monday and even tuesday. this system moves off the coast. there's another little low that's going to form right near the shore. we're at 49 degrees right now reagan national airport. northeast wind at 8 miles per hour. we'll have to wait a week before we see our afternoon temperature back up to 60 degrees. cloud cover out there right now, we could see 45 degrees to the north. frederick, maryland, 43 in martinsburg, west virginia. 48 in culpepper, virginia. 51 in frederick. nobody seeing any big warm temperatures across the area, and even south where they're getting that rain. it's been cool there as well. by tomorrow morning, we're going to start to see a little bit of clearing. clouds here for the evening. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy. and we could be seeing some sunshine, a mostly sunny sky west of d.c. tomorrow. we start out at 36. 38 degrees just as cold as it's been over the last couple of mornings. 51 in charleston, west virginia, whe
will start to shift off to the east, though, on sunday. that will bring more of a northeasterly wind. still on the cool side. we may still have sunshine. i think the clouds will be on the increase on sunday. and on monday, northeast winds really start to kick in. and that comes right off the ocean. we are going to see rather cool and cloudy conditions potentially on monday. monday does not look like the best day. there could also be coastal flooding, even along the potomac, especially out towards the jersey shore, delmarva, could see some. the coastal storm is going to be out to sea. we'll still have a little bit of impact due to the high pressure to the north. mostly clear, chilly this evening. but nice. temperatures 39 to about 45 degrees over the next few hours. overnight tonight, thinking about heading out to watch the leonid meteor showers? which will peak after midnight tonight. temperatures will be cool. 27 in frederick, maybe 31 in fredericksburg, 37 in washington. this will be on the overnight hours. if you're thinking about getting out there, could be a pretty good show. this is n
in the suburbs right now with 30 degrees on that wind chill an east/northeasterly wind at six miles an hour, humidity stands at 70%. we're talking about the cold in the northeast, and the northern plains. it's rather warm in the southwest. phoenix will be 92 today. but the cold that's in place, it's going to help with some snow, some early snow, especially across areas just to our north and east. here's a developing nor'easter. the energy is coming out of georgia. it's going to get to the coast and make the turn north. remember sandy came up north, but this is not sandy, still a problem, especially for those areas along the jersey coast that have very little protection left after sandy, you know, the dunes and many houses are just in bad, bad shape. well, this is going to be coming up the coast with the cloud. here comes the rain. and tomorrow to our east we're likely to see the rain and snowfall mainly east of the bay, especially up toward jersey and new york state, but around here a glancing blow at worst. today 49, tonight into the 30s with the clouds, so not as cold. nor'easter tomorrow
. sunday, area of high pressure slides farther to the north and east. as a result, our northeasterly winds begin to pick up. we'll see the winds pick up, we'll see a few more clouds late in the day on sunday as the coastal storm develops down to the south. monday, the storm itself, you don't see too much down there, but what you will see is some cloud cover during the day on monday. so expect clouds, expect cool temperatures. monday not a bad day, but you'll see a lot of clouds. how about the meteor showers. that's going to be happening overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. these will be the low temperature numbers. 37 in washington. and if you're in a clearing, and maybe away from some light pollution, this should be a nice night to see the leonids. look off towards the east between midnight and dawn, face to the east and look straight up for the most part. on average you'll see about ten per hour in those unlit areas. so if you want to get out and enjoy that, make sure you bring a blanket along with you, because you'll need it. clear skies tomorrow. starting 26 in the coldest su
'easter right now. it's making its way up along the new jersey coast. it's bringing in strong northeasterly winds. wind gusts of anywhere from 30 to 40 miles per hour. take a look. we're expecting airport delays today along the i-95 corridor. we're also expecting storm surge coming in, anywhere from 2 to 4 feet of storm surge along the eastern seaboard, and as you can see that storm surge is going to be causing some problems as far as beach erosion, flooding, shore waves of 8 to 12 feet and wind gusts of 65 miles per hour. and we've got rain with this system. we're talking about anywhere from 2 to 4 inches of rain, but look at what's behind it. along the new york-new jersey shoreline, on into pennsylvania and upstate new york we're talking about snow. some areas picking up 6 to 9 inches of snow. the philadelphia area has a winter storm warning in effect for tonight on into tomorrow. so big effects due to this nor'easter after sandy pound the >> good morning.re this. it will be a breezy and chilly day with off and on rain showers. some snow might stick on the >> savannah, you talk about big
, sunny, cool. macy'shanksgiving day parade, 45 to 50. light northeasterly winds five to ten miles per hour. thanksgiving day, showers ithe pacific northwest and looking beautil up and down the east coast. sunny and warm through theset. on friday for your shopping, we're looking at wet weather through western new york, p.a. and the upper ohio river valley, mo wet weather in the pacific northwest andain through eastern texas. >>> 8:32. the day before thanksgiving. the metering lights not on here. we will check on the drive with mike in a few minutes. as you can see, we have slick conditions and highways are slick. the rain is heading out of here. it is heading out quickly. a bit of spotty activity. we will end up in the 60s. >> big holiday weekend. want to know all about your weekend weather, check out weather.com the weather channel on cable. ofcourse, it is o 19th annl toy drive, "today" show toy dre and we'll start taking donations on monday. always have some great friends to come down to help us out, including mr. jeff kinny, jeff, how are yo you know h as the author of the wpy kid
degrees. later today, upper 40s. a lot of sun today. a blustery northeasterly wind. highs near 50. maybe rain late sunday into monday. how is traffic? >> good morning. all lanes are blocked along sully road. med evacoperation is under way. expect delays. >> thank you. don't forget to tune in today and tomorrow. we start at 4:28. >>> back now with more of "today" on this wednesday, november 14th, 2012 and a bit of a chilly morning here in rockefeller plaza and that means only one thing. the holidays are a-coming and it's official. >> they are a-coming. >> the tree is here just arrived across the street from us. a firsthand look at that this morning. i'm willie geist with savannah guthrie and al roker this morning. coming up this hour, we're going to talk about this ever widening it seems scandal that has wrapped up and cost the job of cia director general petraeus. a serious story with a lot of serious questions, but also giving a lot of fodder to late-night comics. take a look at that coming up in a little bit and we'll joined by a man who will be fully retrained talking about this scand
jersey coast and bringing in strong northeasterly winds and wind gusts from 30 to 40 miles per hour, and we are expecting airport delays along the i-95 corridor and expecting storm surge from two to four feet of storm surge along the eastern board. the storm surge is going to be causing problems on the beach erosion, and shore waves of 8 to 12 feet. and we have rain with the system. we are talking about anywhere from two to four inches of rain, but look at what is behind it. along the new york/new jersey shoreline, on into pennsylvania and upstate new york, we are talking about snow. some areas are picking up six to nine inches of snow. the philadelphia area has a winter storm warning in effect for tonight on into tomorrow. so, big effects due to the nor'easter after sandy pounds the area a wee a week before th. >> 7:22 on a post election wednesday. we're going to see temperatures today right on par with our seasonal averages. 74 degrees in livermore. 68 in freemont. 67 today in san francisco. much cooler weather and rain on the way as we head through your thursday. most of which wi
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